We process metal – and in just about every possible way.

Made to measure – in just the way that our customers want.

We cut, weld and shot-blast sheet steel and also handle all the additional processing tasks. We produce everything from single parts up to entire series of items. Everything from small parts to large components with a weight of up to 50 tons. Many of our products are intended for use in machine construction, for example, in gearbox construction and equipment for roller mills. And also in the crane and transport industries, where components that are individually made to meet customer requirements are used.

Just Metall GmbH is a young, medium-sized company that has been developed within the Minerva Handelsgesellschaft corporate group. We have five cranes with a total lifting capacity of 70 tons at our location in Velen-Ramsdorf. In addition, an area of more than 5,000 square metres offers adequate space for our extensive production capabilities and a well-stocked steel warehouse.